Discussion: Unnamed more powerful offering

that takes you to the ‘coming soon’ page…

i got an email on remote working, im going to play duck hunt with my face


And then take a breath.

It seems Glitch have updated their Terms & Conditions. The update mentions payment related stuff. This essentially confirms paid plans will be a thing.


It is here! From the latest email: https://glitch.com/pricing


YAY! I’m so excited to help support Glitch.

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yup! happy to be a member and see glitch on its journey!

Hm, it won’t let me change my email even though I have never used the email it forced me to use…

I still don’t understand what they mean by this:
We said you d be the first to know - khalby786 gmail com - Gmail

What exactly changes when you switch from the $8 offering to the $10 offering?

you get to cancel sooner at the 10/mo level. otherwise you’re locked in for a full year

@khalby786 One is a monthly plan and the other is a yearly plan. The yearly plan comes out to $8/mo. if you pay for it all at once whereas you would normally pay $10/mo. if you subscribe to the monthly plan.


Hey yeah, what’s are “projects” and what are “apps”?

I think they are the same thing.