Disk & Cpu ve Memory Kullanımı Sorunu

Başlıktada belirttiğim gibi botum diski, cpu’yu ve memory’i çok fazla kullanıyor sürekli warn&error veriyor. Ne yapsam düşmedi botumun glitch proje adı: fralone

Hi @emrefrague, welcome to the forums! Can you try running git gc && git prune in the terminal?

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Yazdım hala devam ediyor. @Pufferfish101007

(i’m turk too)
Here’s a translated version for those who don’t know what his means:

As I mentioned in the title, my bot uses disk, cpu & memory too much that it gives an error, no matter what I did.
my bot’s project name: fralone

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Hi, could you email support@glitch.com and ask for extra space for 24 hours, then run that command I gave you? If that still doesn’t work then run ls -a to see all files and if there are any there that you definitely don’t need then run rm filename - but don’t delete any that you’re not sure about! Then run refresh. If that doesn’t work, then I have no idea what to do.