Disk Full Help Please

183 / 194 MB disk is full. I can’t delete a large file or edit any files because it reverts any changes I do because the disk is full so can’t save. I tried using git prune & git gc but it says “No space left on device”

You might need to wait for @tasha to come and give you extra disk space temporarily, so that you can use git prune and git gc!

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Hi @PixelMania,

I can help you here. What is the name of your project?

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The project’s name is: 99945334333335

Thanks @PixelMania!

Your project has been given extra disk space for the next 24 hours.

If you need additional help, let us know!

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Thank you very much!

hey @tasha i have the same problem i was trying to update my node but i installed some files my mistake or idk and my desk full rn somehow
project name: nirvanabackup

You should email support@glitch.com.