Disk is almost full

Good day.
I’m total noob in programming (first time doing something with it tho), but I was quite interested in running my personal discordbot using free code from web and it’s actually working and such, but, my question is up to become a problem :slight_smile:
As I see the disk is about to get full soon and I’d be glad to free some space by deleting cached files (if it won’t ruin everything ofcourse).
So can I fully navigate in Glitch interface? E.g. I’m pretty sure that there should be .cache folder in project, but I don’t see it in web interface.


But when I download the project, unarchive I can see it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there - if you open the terminal, you can run ls -A and that will list all the dot folders and files in the root of your project. We’ve had users request the ability to toggle visibility of these in the editor sidebar, but it’s not something we’ve implemented yet, so the terminal is the place to make that happen for now.

If you want to remove the .cache folder, you can run rm -rf .cache and it will delete it.

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Thanks a lot, will try!