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I get this error You may have problems saving changes when your disk is full. Try removing unneeded files, and running git prune; git gc from the console

I tried git prune; git gc but it doesnt fix it,

How would you fix this? Thanks!

You may want to run refresh after running the prune and gc commands.

Hi @Bobthemoose

If refresh doesn’t help, let me know your project name and I can give you some temporary extra disk space to run those git cleanup commands.

Ill try that @RiversideRocks

The refresh is needed because the editor and console do not auto sync.

It says I ran out of space or something. Can you please give me temporary extra disk space? Also, how long will this be for?

Hi! I’ve just given you temporary disk space for 24 hours, during which you should run those above commands to get back to below the allotted disk space usually allowed.

Thank you! That seems to work!