Disk Space - Git Prune

I received a warning today that my Disk Space was nearing to be full. I created my .gitignore and added by commands/* to the file, I also ran git prune; git gc in the console to clear some space. My commands folder is now gone, all my commands are no longer editable although my space is now cleared. All my commands are still working, although, is there any way to get these command files back in case I need to further edit them?

The project name is dungeonrammoderationbotdapper and on private mode.

Hi @SwimmingWhale!

It doesn’t look like your command files were using all the disk space. The culprit is more likely json.sqlite.

So to free up disk space:

  • Add json.sqlite to .gitignore

To bring your command files back into view:

  • Remove that line from .gitignore
  • Then enter refresh in the console to make it visible again.

If you have any questions, let us know!

Hello! Thanks for the quick response. This seems to have fixed the problem. :slight_smile: