Disk space is full, project is stuck

Hello, my discord bot is hosted on your servers and i noticed that the whole project is stuck with an error saying that disk space is full. I have already ran git prune and git gc but nothing changed. I contacted discord to check some discord-side things to see if that might be the issue, but i also came here to ask how do i make that gitignore thing. I barely have anything on my project and i read on other threads in regards of this issue that all this might be caused by frequent file changing (databases).

(If you want to know the project’s name i would prefere sending it privately, as i don’t feel confortable showing my code due to past and personal reasons

Please reply as soon as possible


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The problem will be solved by typing “rm -fr ./.git” and “refresh” in the console.


Yes! Thank you very much!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Good luck on the your project.

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