Disk space limit on node_modules

Hi! Could you help me with my project please? He is having a disk space error for node_modules. Thanks

Link: http://unspbot.glitch.me/

It looks like your project ran out of space. I think @glitch_support can give you some extra space for 24 hours and give you time to clear unneeded files.

@RiversideRocks From what I’ve seen in other reports like mine, yes, they’ll probably do that, but when? Does the response take too long?

Hello. The disk size has been increased temporarily and the project is unsuspended.

Also! You’ll want to take some steps to reduce the project size sometime in the next 24 hours:

  1. Add files that are taking up too much space to .gitignore
  2. Move database files that get rewritten often to .data

Once you have done this, run the following commands in the project console:

git prune and hit enter
git gc and hit enter.
refresh and hit enter

This should free up the space you need. If you have any questions, let us know!

Thanks! Now I will solve the space