Disk space max, but disk is not full


i have attempted to clear the disk space with the recommended command in console, but it did not fix the huge amount of disk memory

can someone please tell me why it will not clear?

@Jonyk56 that suggestion only handles the most common cause of disk space problems, when your project’s git repo overflows.

In your case you have some large .cache/ and .config/ directories, as can be seen by running du -hd1 in your project’s console.

app@html-db:~ 19:49 
$ du -hd1
2.0K    ./bin
5.0K    ./dist
1.0K    ./.data
1.0K    ./php_server
242K    ./.git
2.0K    ./.yarn
2.0K    ./python
103M    ./.cache
9.0K    ./nest
50M     ./.config
12K     ./src
153M    .

Hope this helps!