DisplayBans Spam all of the server bans

Spams all of the server bans

            BANNED_USER = bans.array()
            for (var i = 0; i < BANNED_USER.length; i++){
             const Embed = new discord.MessageEmbed()
            .setAuthor(`${message.guild.name} Bans`,message.guild.iconURL())
            .addField("User", BANNED_USER[i].user.username, true)
            .addField("Reason", BANNED_USER[i].reason)
            .setFooter(`${message.guild.name} Bans`,client.user.displayAvatarURL())

Any way to fix this

What is your goal?

You should not be using this, this will send the bans to all servers. Instead, you should change this so that it DMs the details of the ban to the admin of the server, or to however you want. You should also add your bans to a database or JSON file with something like Jsoning so the bans are assigned unique IDs and are not all grouped together. Does that make sense?

oh no… github camo is broken

I’ve got an idea on how we can add support for sharding in jsoning based on database locks though

That’s not good at all.