Do node processes/scripts have an execution time or an outgoing request limit?

I’m working on a tool/app that processes a large amount of data. If I kicked off a Node script that looped through, say, 30k items and made an API call for each of them, would Glitch interrupt/kill that process at some point, either for time running or for the number of outgoing requests? Depending on how long the API takes to respond to each request and how slow the requests have to be made to avoid being rate limited, it could take a few hours to finish running.


Hi! Currently projects are limited to 4000 requests per hour, they also will go to sleep if they are “kept awake” (by running requests) for more than 12 hours. When I’ve done things with large amounts of data, I usually use some form of “batching”, meaning I run things in batches of 4000 or so

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Great thank you, that’s very helpful!