Do ToDoist Task Printing using Glitch


Hey folks,
I’m new to this forum and Glitch. My coding skills are of beginners level. While I was attempting to run 2 IFTTT applets I got referred to this platform.

I want to create an applet to print my shopping/grocery list on demand. Hence what I can think closest to my requirement is a ‘Do’ button.

  1. My shopping list is in ToDoist. Each grocery item gets added as a task & can be updated from multiple device. The IFTTT channel can fire a trigger every occasion a new task is added. However, that’s not the trigger what I would require here. ToDoist API is available here

  2. I have a small Memobird IFTTT connected thermal printer. It can print a new message - ToDoist shopping list for our reference here.

Now, I’m clueless on how to get this done on Glitch. Any pointers from the community or step by step guide will be immensely helpful.



So you could do this with 2 applets on IFTTT with a Glitch app between them to get the data you need from Todoist.

The 1st applet would be a button widget, which sends a webhook request to your Glitch app. You could adapt this Glitch project to capture that webhook request, get the list of items in a Todoist project, and then fire off its own webhook back to IFTTT.

The 2nd applet would be a webhook request being received, causing Memobird to print a note with the contents of the webhook (your shopping list).

It looks like there’s a NPM package which will help you work with the Todoist API in Node on Glitch:


Thanks @Gareth.

If I get you right, here is what I must do step-by-step.

  1. Create a new button applet in IFTTT & trigger the project / suggested remixed project URL in webhooks as “Make a web request”.
  2. Copy the IFTTT Maker secret code in Glitch project .env file.
  3. Create 2 event name say GET_TODOIST_LIST and PRINT_LIST in the project env file.
  4. Get ToDoist Task list/ Shopping List - Create a new applet in IFTTT to trigger Todoist task list. The IF action will be “web hooks” / receive a web request with event GET_TODOIST_LIST. And THEN /THAT will be my Todoist list/ Shopping list. However, within IFTTT, ToDoist only allows “Create a Task” (or adding a new item in my scenario) under THEN/THAT.
  5. Print on MemoBird - Create another new applet in IFTTT. IF action will be “web hooks” / receive a web request with the event PRINT_LIST. THEN/THAT for this applet will be print the output of #4.

So, I’m stuck in #4 and don’t know a way out to pull the complete list in THEN/THAT. Any pointers on how to do it?

Thanks again !


yeah, exactly - 4 is the bit you can’t use IFTTT to do and would need to code on Glitch, making use of the Todoist API using the NPM package I recommended. I don’t have spare time to dig into coding that element up myself at the moment. Maybe someone else in the community is interested in tackling it?


Thanks @Gareth. I want to try NPM but don’t know how to. Any references?


Although I’m also relatively new to the Node.js/npm universe, I’ve found the Getting Started section of the npm documentation to be accessible and helpful.


Thanks @mirrorstage. Do you wanna be my guide in my debut project? :smiley:


I’m flattered, @apurbas, but I don’t think that I have the bandwidth for a new project right now. Maybe in the future, as I do like/use Todoist a lot.