Documentation for process.env?

When I am running console.log(process.env) I am getting a lot of information.
Is there a dedicated documentation available that explains the meaning of all the environment parameters?
Some might be obiously at others like RUSTUP_HOME or PROJECT_REMIX_CHAIN I have no idea, what it means.

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That’s a good question.

Some like HOME you probably recognise are provided by the ubuntu shell.

Some like RUSTUP_HOME are provided by installed packages (this one is for the RUST language).

Some like PROJECT_REMIX_CHAIN are specific to Glitch containers. This one has a list of projects (Glitch apps) that the current project was remixed from, and its previous, etc. I think they would be internal project ids.

Glitch support could make available documentation for their variables, but they don’t need to from a support basis.


PORT is the container’s open port.

I have docs on this, that I have almost finished over at GitHub

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