Does glitch support still respond with a ticket?

Earlier today, about 9 hours ago, I sent an email to glitch support - the support ticket didn’t arrive, and nothing has been sent to me from support since. Just now, I sent another support email, and no ticket email was sent back. I checked my spam folder, nothing appears. What should I do?

Last time I had to open a ticket on

Sorry that this is happening! Are you emailing directly, or doing it through the ticket system as @wh0 mentioned?

Can you try to send the same email to so I can search for your email address in our system and also try to help you out with your original ticket?

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I was emailing directly - I haven’t used the ticket system on the website yet.

Did you get an automated response? Otherwise, the email probably didn’t arrive at Glitch and you should use the help centre (New Ticket - Glitch Support)