Does HyperDev support IPv6


It’s 2016, after all - and the end of IPv4 addresses is now. So does HyperDev work with IPv6-only networks?


Doesn’t seem like it for now, the domains only resolve to IPv4 addresses, there are no AAAA records.

Does much of the internet work on IPv6-only right now? I don’t think services like Azure support IPv6 yet?


If you are looking for an excuse to not support IPv6 in 2016, I suggest the IPv6 Excuse Bingo.


Hey Oneiros!

Thanks for bringing this up, and sorry for the delay in responding :slight_smile:

IPv6 for HyperDev is absolutely on the cards, and while it of course helps us prioritise what we work on when people let us know what they’d like to see, it’s something we’ve always fully intended to support.

We’ll make sure to post back here to let you know once we secure our IPv6 routes, and when the AAAA records are in.