Does thanks feature actually useful?

Let me guess, the thank you feature was introduced as a nice gesture and spam prevention right? It’s lovely as a nice gesture, but the anti-spam (from using custom domain), I don’t think so. Using it for blocking (new) users is not a nice idea. Some users, like me, doesn’t live in the popular timezone like the other. That means the changes to help other people is rare. From my experience, 1/10 (actually lower) is the ratio for a change to see a help request. Ain’t it painful?

But there is still another way to get thanks, it’s waiting. Patiently waiting for people come to our projects and thanks us because they love it or it’s useful. And I don’t think that works because this way is like people reading comments in Facebook. First comes, first serves? Moreover, it’s not like makin’ a cool project could be that easy.

Even when I write this feedback, I think I’ve lost all desire for custom domain and quite liking the * But the feeling of something hanging in front of me & I couldn’t use it is kinda irritating. Can we do something about that (set other requirement)? Or should I get a therapy section?

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@dangtu if you pop up a request for help I can help you, you could reciprocate and we’d both have another thanks - would that help you on the custom domain front?

Sound ok (even I don’t have planed to use CD at the moment)

But my point is using Thanks as a block spam may not works well due to changes for meet requirement isn’t equal on everyone from all over the world.