Does the invite button on the user page still exist?

I saw in the description of trust level 2 that one can send invitations from the user page, but I haven’t been able to find the interface to do so. I am notoriously bad at finding objects in a field – am I just not seeing it, or has that functionality been removed?

I tried looking for that one day too, but did not manage to find it.

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I wonder if it was seen as compromising the community in some way (making it easier to bring people into discussions from external to the community?) and removed. I imagine that the copy on the member description might come default from discourse, but it would be helpful to update it if so. Do you know if the code for the forum is open source/something I could put in a PR for?

Hey @househaunt, Discourse (or portions of it, at least) is open source. In this case the issue is that we only allow signup for the forum using GitHub, and invites require that you have other authentication methods enabled.

I’ve edited the descriptions for the Member badge to be more clear in our instance. Thanks for the catch!