Does the /tmp folder count against disk quota?

I’m just asking.

Yes, I believe it does.

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it’s asking for more characters, so I might as well add that it’s not persistent. in case anyone didn’t already know :laughing:

It was counting when I was compiling my files into binaries. I was in /tmp. I did not know if it did count or not, I asked here.

Sorry to hear that, aboutDavid.

To share a story consistent with “no” though, I have this project!/steel-sparrow that puts hundreds of megabytes of build dependencies in /tmp, without exceeding the disk quota.

I think I will just email Glitch Support and see if they know anything about it.


The /tmp directory DOES NOT count towards you container storage usage, however, all the contents in /tmp will be deleted when the container shuts down or boots (restarts).

This is confirmed in their help articles:

The contents of your apps’s /tmp directory currently don’t count towards that total, but those files are removed when the app restarts.


Yeah, that is kind of odd then. I had ~100mb of binaries and it counted.