Doesn’t work half the time


Always says “hmm we’re having trouble connecting. Try refreshing?” and it won’t let me do anything


There are any number of possible reasons that might occur from code errors to resource concerns. We’ll need some more information before we can possibly take a closer look. Any errors in the logs, for instance? Your project name would be a good start.


I can’t even see the logs, the code or even the files, and it isn’t the code since it worked earlier





Which project are you trying to load?


Hi @PhantomDerp I took a quick look at both of the project’s listed on your profile and I don’t see that problem on either of them. Are you still seeing the issue?


It didn’t work, and I just tried signing out and when I try to log back in, I get this message: “Github login problem. Hard to say what happened, but we couldn’t log you in. Try again?”



So the problem is probably either that my account is corrupted, or that github doesnt work


You didn’t say, did you try logging in again? Have you tried in an incognito window or a different browser? You could also try logging in using the email login with the the email address associated with you GitHub account (that will log in you into the same Glitch account). I doubt very much that your account is corrupted.

Also when you say “It didn’t work” are you speaking of logging in or about something else?


I meant that it may be a problem with github


I just tried using my email, and it gave an error “something went wrong, email not sent”


Yep, I didn’t realize it when I sent the initial message, but we’re troubleshooting a problem with email signin.

I’d suggest trying another browser or an incognito window in the meantime.


I can’t do that, since I’m on a school computer, and incognito mode and other browsers are blocked. I’m messaging you using a mobile device

Glitch on here seems to work fine


So logging in to Glitch using GitHub works fine on your mobile but not on your school computer? If so that suggests that perhaps your school’s doing something to GitHub requests. Are you able to access GitHub directly? Do you see anything logged in your browser’s console when you try to log in that way?

I imagine that you might not still be at your school computer when we resolve the email login issue, but I’ll drop a note here when that’s resolved and the next time you’re on one you can try that instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I doubt that since it just blocks specific urls and functions like incognito

And github isn’t blocked


Unless I’m misunderstanding you, you’re saying that, at the same point in time:

  1. logging into Glitch via GitHub on your mobile works
  2. logging into Glitch via GitHub on your school computer does not

That seems to indicate that:

  1. Glitch isn’t a problem point
  2. GitHub isn’t a problem point

That seems to leave the other differences between mobile and your school’s computer as the likely cause, and that seems to point to something either on your school’s computers or your school’s network.

Am I missing something or have I misunderstood the situation?

Also have you been able to log into Glitch via GitHub on your school computers before this? That’s not necessarily definitive, since I imagine your school could be making changes to their software or network that you’re not aware of, but might be interesting if it were true.


Yes, I have been able to use glitch via github before this

You said opening a new browser would fix it, and that’s why it works on mobile.
I’ll try opening glitch on desktop and seeing if it still works


I think we’ve been miscommunicating about what I was asking - I meant that a different browser or incognito window on the same machine would eliminate potential problems with your current session (cache, cookie, local storage.

We’ve resolved the issues with email login, so if you’re still having trouble logging in via GitHub you can try that again.


Nope, cleared the cache, app data, cookies, site data, powered off and back on, and it still doesn’t work

And it says github login problem