Dojo Big Screen for Your Office


Project URL:!/project/dojo-bigscreen
See it in action:

This is a starter project for creating an office board for display on a TV or dedicated screen. Out of the box, it gives you Trello, Weather Underground, and StatusCake integration. It steps you through wiring those up (each one requires you to get some API information and enter it in the .env file). These three services are pretty useful as-is, but it should be fairly easy for a web developer to add additional integrations for any services that provide an API. The page can be password protected by following steps in the readme (and probably should be in production).

This project was built for my book Trello Dojo, where I go into a little more detail about how to set up a screen using this, various Trello boards that could be interesting to use with such a board, and other tips and tricks about using Trello. Previous editions of the book had a more complex setup, but GoMix makes it as easy as clicking “Remix This” to create your own board, so I improved that chapter.

I’d love to hear any suggestions about the board, book, or code!


Hi danroot,

it’s a really nice project! We would like to add it to the community site, can you please make sure that the requirements (in this link) are met?

If you like, you can also integrate it with my setup-wizard that helps people setting up a remix (instead of editing .env, it shows a first-time setup-wizard with descriptions etc…).


I’d love to have it featured. I’ll fix it up to meet the guidelines, see about the setup wizard, and let you know when it’s ready.


oopsie – "failed to start application on

This is most likely because your project has a code error.
Check your project logs, fix the error and try again."


Yeah, I’m making some changes to it at the moment to get it ready for the community site… I’ve moved that work to another project and this one should be up now.


OK, @etamponi. I’ve updated the project to hopefully meet the guidelines. Let me know if I missed anything. Changes include:

  • There is now a setup wizard. I opted to use my own code for that, because I needed to hash the password and wanted to apply logic to preserve the comments.
  • Some code changes to make dashboard’s weather map more configurable. Note if anyone reading this has already configured one of these and wants to update, the weather location now omits the .json (ie now just use STATE/City) and is used to update the map.
  • The readme is shorter and gory details for how to modify are moved to
  • Liberal code comments in server.js
  • Added a project avatar


sorry for the delay @danroot, we’ve been swamped on the community side. If you’re still interested in having the project on the site, I can add it later today. Let me know


@pketh - no worries, I totally understand. Just making sure there wasn’t other stuff needed from me. Would love to be on the community site!


it’s added! it’ll randomly appear on the homepage like the other ones, but you can find it in