Domain already registered :(

Domain already registered but
Unreachable. Can you reset it again?

Project: xl

Hey @CagatayD I’ve removed that domain for you.

Hey, Cori, My domain was registered in another project (mine) but wanted to migrate it to a new project … could you help me by deleting the custom domain “”

Hey @FucierH,

I’ll tag @support_staff!

hi @FucierH - i’ve deleted that domain for you.

@support_staff I have the same problem, I currently own the domain but when I put it it tells me that it is already registered, could you remove it?

Proyect: kytrabot

I also have that problem. I accidentaly closed the tab when i am about to recieve the .edgeapp something url. Could you please reset my domain?

project: lionheart-asia

@spadletskys Please refrain from replying to old posts. If you want a custom domain removed send an email to or create a ticket at