Domain can't connect to my project, it does to another project

I clicked the custom domains and put my cname to’s domain. Almost Done, Waited 30 minutes and it says it says connected to another project? Possible thing would be that I created a same project before with the same name and I deleted it and made a new one.

project: yeno-app

Hey @Discord0513 it looks to me like you’ve got the domain and project configured in Glitch but I don’t see any CNAME or A records for that domain. This tool can help you see what the Internet thinks your domain is configured for. Our help article regarding custom domains might also be useful - particularly the parts about needing an IP address instead of a domain, since you’re trying to connect an “apex” domain (one without a www or other subdomain in front).

If you want to share a screenshot of your DNS configuration that might help folks help you.