Domain hosting help

So, I am working on a project and it requires me to be able to make another project and add a domain. And as far as I know, there is no API for the second part. I need a hosting solution (preferably free) that can to what I need it to do. I know how to write the code for it to be on one project, I would have to rewrite all of my code.

I’m sorry, I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what you want to do.

Probably making a glitch clone. Try using cloudfare??

So, I am mak8ng an api for people to sell stuff. I have a client version and a master version. I want to clone the client version while adding a domain to that clone.

There’s no option to add a domain via an api unless you can find the API endpoint they use
Here’s the code Glitch use:

If you can figure out the endpoint you can use that.
You can also make new DNS records using an API key on a domain on Cloudflare. Maybe that would help. I don’t think Glitch is the best hosting option for this. Maybe a different host that has an API for adding domains

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