Domain is already registered for Glitch issues

image@cori its k, you can do it again please, maybe for this is last request from me? idk. but i hope so :frowning:

Hey @mozartrafi I’ve removed that domain from its new project again.

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Hey @cori, I need a little hand here, can you help me with my domain removal? All of them,,,, and the, please…

I want to start everything from zero again, so I can regenerate that URL from all of my projects.

And I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me this much, and I think this is my last quest :smile:

hey @mozartrafi I’ve removed all of those domains.

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@cori benim alan adım da kullanılıyor görünüyor lütfen temizler misiniz?

Proje Link:!/scarew
Website Llink:

hi @benscarewmiyim, i have deleted that domain

@jenn Hello, can I pretty please with a cherry on top get my domains taken off the following projects?

Project link:!/mikosa-development
Website Link:

Project link:!/mikosa-staff
Website Link:

Project link:!/mikosa-dashboard
Website Link:

@Cartar - just deleted them for ya!

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Hi there, long time no chat…
But for right now, i need your help to delete this domain:

Thanks :sweat_smile:

hey @mozartrafi, just deleted that domain for ya!

Hello, i’ve deleted my project which is connected to my domain. and i can’t add my domain to other project. What can i do error message is “ is already registered for glitch”
domain is

Please help

@mushereme, I can help you with this!

It looks like that custom domain is still connected to a project that you deleted. In order for us to remove the custom domain from this project, please do the following:

  1. Go into your Deleted Projects and temporarily un-delete ‘iconicmongolia’.
  2. Let us know once this has been done.

Then we will remove your custom domain from that project.

please remove my domain :
from project :

@0wx, done! If you have any questions, let us know!

hey there! sorry for the trouble, could you please delete the and from my project “partybot-ml”?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @LukeDesu! No problem!

Those domains have been unlinked from your project.

If you have any questions, let us know!

Hey, please delete:

  • and their www. from zealcord-website or zealcord-bots
  • from zealcord-hastebin

Becareful, don’t delete, I really need this. :joy:

I’ve notified @glitch_support to get this done for you!


hey @mozartrafi - i’ve deleted those three domains for ya!

@jenn @cori for right now, i need your help to delete this domain: