Domain is already registered for Glitch issues

I’ll ping @glitch_support for you.

Hi @Meong!

We have removed that domain from your project. If you have any questions, let us know!

@glitch_support Sorry, for right now, i need your help to delete this project:

Hi @Meong,

You should be able to move this project to your Deleted Projects section by:

  1. Going to the project editor.
  2. Clicking on the little down arrow next to the project name to reveal the Project Options menu.
  3. Scrolling to the bottom of the Project Options menu to find the Delete Project button.
  4. Clicking this Delete Project button.

Let me know if you can’t get that button to work, or if you prefer for us to permanently delete your project

@tasha @cori @glitch_support sorry I bother you if you can help me again to delete this domain:

Hey @Meong,

You can contact to remove your domains rather than posting it in this forum, although they will see it. See Forum users can now contact us via email! to know more about this recent change!

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We have removed those domains from your projects. If you have any questions, let us know!

And, yes! If you need custom domains removed in the future, sending a message to should get you the fastest response!

@tasha hi. i have registered my domain to my project, then i refreshed the page and i input my domain again. and glitch says “domain is already registered for glitch”.

so, could you remove from project named testing-lur?

Hey @Allvaa,

You could email for assistance on custom domain removals!

Hope this helps!

yes, i already sent an email to glitch

can you remove my domain again please?
Domain :
app :

Please contact to get your custom domain removed

Hi @Allvaa,

I’m sorry, but we didn’t receive your email. I just deleted that custom domain from our system.