Domain is already registered for glitch problem

When I was trying to set a custom domain for my project, it said that an error occured, so I refreshed the page and now it just says that this domain is already registered for glitch

Please email

I emailed glitch support 3 weeks ago and haven’t got a response since then, should I try again?

@glitch_support Should be able to help.

Hi @Gabys2005,

First, let me know the custom domain you want removed so we can get that taken care of right away!

Second, I’m sorry we didn’t respond to your request. I checked our system and didn’t see any messages from you. How did you make the request? Did you send a message to ?

I want to make sure your message didn’t get missed.

The domain is

I sent an email to on 27th February, that’s all.

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Thanks for letting me know! I just removed that domain from your project.

If you get a chance, will you please send me a private message to tell me what email you used when trying to contact

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