Domain is already registered to glitch BUG


Hi! I entered my custom domain to my project a some hours ago and then they gave me the link to enter in my website hosting service. After I did that, the custom domain didnt work, so i went back to glitch and entered my custom domain link in the custom domain filed again and it says that my domain is already registered to glitch ?? My project name is rlstore-site My custom domain is or



I believe I sent the solution to you over Facebook messenger - in short, you should be able to use instead of the original domain name. The custom domain functionality is still pretty simple, and we may be adding additional functionality to it in the future.

If you continue to have trouble let us know.


@cori i am giving @dioskao some trouble-shooting things to try, and see if they work. if not , he will reply here for more help


Actually I dug a little deeper; both of those domains were associated with a deleted project of @dioskao’s. I’ve removed those associations (I had to undelete the project briefly to do so).

Sorry for the inconvenience!