Domain is already registered to glitch

Hi! I entered my custom domain to my project a few days ago and then they gave me the link to enter in my website hosting service. After I did that, the custom domain didnt work, so i went back to glitch and entered my custom domain link in the custom domain filed again and it says that my domain is already registered to glitch ?? My project name is team-eos. My custom domain is

Hey @chloek I’ve removed that custom domain from that project and you should be good to go.

Happy Glitching!

Thank you for the help!
But after this, I re-entered my custom domain in glitch, and it said “At your domain registrar you’ll need to create a CNAME for pointing to …”, which i’ve done:

but the custom domain still doesn’t work… is there anything else i have to do ?

Ok, I think there are a couple of things going on here.

It looks like you’ve set up properly in your DNS configuration, but you haven’t set that up as a custom domain. You can add that in Glitch on your project just the same as you did for and that url should start working.

You have registered as a custom domain, but you haven’t set it up in your DNS configuration. This one’s a little stickier - many DNS hosts won’t allow you to set up an apex domain ( without the www, for example) as a CNAME - that’s actually against the DNS rules. There’s a little more information about it in our help docs, but in short, you might need to add it as an A record pointed to the IP address of your * domain.

By the way, good luck in your challenge! If you were interested in doing so, I think you could move your team’s site over to Glitch from Wix and get rid of the Wix header without too much difficulty.

Let us know if you need any additional help with anything! Happy Glitching!

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