%domain% is already used for glitch


hi, i now that this feature is new, but i tried to bind a domain to my glitch project
and the domains etting is now gone.
when i try to submit the domain again, it says the message stated in this thread’s title.
domain: znw.gg
project: https://glitch.com/~znw-gg



Hey @blubbll thanks for the report. There’s something a little odd about the way that project is configured on the Glitch end at least - we’re taking a look and will get back to you when we have more info.


Thanks for your patience on this @blubbll; I’ve removed the znw.gg custom domain from https://glitch.com/~znw-gg and you should be able to add it again. You also have www.znw.gg associated with that project, which I did not remove.

The fact that the domain doesn’t appear in the custom domain configuration after you’ve left the project is a known issue - we’ll be making further improvements to the custom domain user interface as time goes on.


still seems to be up there somehow