Domain Name Issues

Hello, I was hoping you could remove my Domain from your system. I don’t know which project has it associated with. But, I would love it if you could remove it.

Hey @Zach I’ve removed this domain. Let us know if you need further help!

@cori I am having trouble with re-adding my domain to freenom. It is saying something about that the CNAME needs a proper name set up. I don’t know what that is suppose to mean. But the name use to work. But I am not sure what happened to it? Could you please help me with this issue. I have tried everything but I am unable to get the CNAME to work. I might also need you to remove the domain and from your domain list again. and then need your assistance with this issue.

@cori I am getting this error: Error occured: CNAME records should have a name set! I thought this might help you, determine what is wrong with my Domain. I am setting the nameset to So, i don’t know what is not working.

Hi @Zach I’d be happy to help. A good starting point might be a screenshot that shows the freenom configuration screen with your attempted settings and the error you’re running into.

Also keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to use a CNAME for because it’s an “apex” domain (one without a subdomain like “www”). You can read a little more about this at custom domains.

If you’ve already got these domains associated with the correct project and the only reason you’d need us to delete them is to get the * domain name then you can safely use instead of whatever domain you were given - those are interchangeable.

@cori What, do you mean? Could you clarifiy the last part you said. I do re-need the part. I had before, a domain like: I used GitHub Pages though, to do it. The reason why I want to switch to Glitch for hosting is because I don’t think GitHub pages is able to have Server-Side Code in its hosting.

@cori I am also having domain adding issues. But it is with Freenom. I am trying to add my domain to the CNAME on my domain but I am getting some error saying that the CNAME Name Set is not correct. I am setting the name set to as instructed by Glitch’s Custom Domain Details.

Hey @Zach I merged your other post into this topic as well.

I’ll probably be able to give you better information if I can see what you’re actually entering and the error message you’re receiving, which is why I requested a screenshot. Different DNS providers have different requirements and configuration options, many of which use the same terminology for different things, so it’s very difficult to give good advice without seeing the actual configuration. Alternatively, I imagine Freenom’s support may be able to give your Freenom-specific guidance, too.

As far as the domain, you can safely forget about this entirely. Just use everywhere you’d typically use the domain.

Btw I don’t think freenom supports cname on the apex domain, so instead you will need to make an A record pointing to

@cori Could you please check to see which glitch project of mine is currently associated with the domain: Thank you.

@advaith So, do I create an A Record like so:

A Name:

The IP address can change depending on the user. Meaning it may not work.

I would strongly recommend you use CloudFlare for DNS as it supports CNAMEing at the apex domain.

Also, CloudFlare comes with the added bonus of DDoS protection.

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I agree with @charliea21 with the idea of you using cloudflare ,

I have never successfully got an apex domain with freenom without the use of cloudflare.
When you switch to cloudflare, you will have to switch your nameservers on freenom, but that is not a hard job, then on dns settings on cloudflare. Create a cname pointing to and have the name be @ which will automatically change it for an apex domain.

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Okay, but do I change the to something specific for my account?

No. You don’t need to do that.

I just registered my website with CloudFlare and I changed my dns? What should I do now?

Have you changed your nameservers on freenom yet?

Yes, I have. And I just added a CNAME with the name set at @ and the Domain set to

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if you take a look at your website now, you can see it is working!

How, is it working? That makes no, sense. It is cool. But that makes no sense.