Domain Name Removal

My Domain needs to be removed from this glitch project

Hi Zach!

Thanks for writing! We have now removed the domain from that project.


Cool, Thanks for removing my domain from the project. I needed it removed, because the project somehow broke for no particular reason at all. It kept on saying Memory Issues but there are no files at all that should be causing it. Would love @tasha if you could look into that issue within my Project As well.

Hi @Zach !

I am happy to help you here, but first I will need the current project name.

is the project, that is having this problem. @tasha

Hey @Zach!

It looks like your disk storage was almost full. To help you with this, I have temporarily given you additional disk space for 24 hours so you can make changes to your project.

The disk space issue seems to be caused by your .cache and git repo. You can find information about how to fix this by using the guidelines in this forum post: Glitch full disk error

@tasha I tried to follow that Glitch Full Disk Error solution; however the console crashes every time I attempt to run git gc; I am able to do git prune; but after trying git gc; it fails. I also attempted to try git prune; git gc; but that didn’t function well either. I would however, like to get that project back to this commit version:

Commit: 155cc654ec3bcb2be3479e7c53187721d7921cf7

EDIT: My Glitch Project, just allowed me to rewind to that commit above

Hi @Zach thanks for giving that a try! I’m sorry that you weren’t able to run git gc.

It looks like the reason you ran into this issue is because your git history involves operations with too many large files which makes it hard to permanently delete them.

What we would advise trying is cloning the repo locally, where you will hopefully have more disk space. Then try running git prune and git gc again. Then, use git push (let us know if you need help with that).

In the future, we would advise using .gitignore to avoid having these files take up the space in your git repo.