Domain not connecting!


Hi, the domain worked before, but now i had to delete the project and make a new one. But it has the same name as the other. And when i type in my domain, it says it’s already connected but it doesn’t show in the browser. Do i have to connect again or something, because its the same gitch name as before. @cori You know it worked before but now it doesnt because i deleted it and made a new express one. How do i connect it again to freenom DNS


Hey @ramoth123, the connection between the custom domain and the Glitch project is by project id, not by Glitch project domain, so if you want to attach your custom domain to a different project we’ll need to remove it on our end and you’ll have to add it to the new project. Can you remind me of the domain name and I’ll disconnect it (I should be able to find the project based on your notes)?


what do you mean by the domain name, do you mean or


@cori What do i do to connect the domain back to my project


Hey @ramoth123. I’ve deleted and from your old project; they should be ready for you to reuse now.


ok, how do i connect again?


Hello @ramoth123,

You can go to the tools option on the bottom left of your project and click on “Custom Domain” and then put i the domains url and make sure your dns is setup correctly and then you should be done!

You can also do it on the website, just login, then go to (only works when logged in) and set it up there!


actually @cori and @Callum-OKane I got it all set up. I used the tutorial cori showed me before and now i have my domain set up with https and everything thank you cori.
It’s working and is secure. Thanks!!!

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