Domain Registered To Glitch Already

Please clear the domain from my glitch.



You will have to wait for a staff member from glitch to delete this domain.

Yup, for that just mention @support_staff!

Lol, I have another account this is just my school account so that I don’t combine them both. Due to privacy issues. @TrissieTheHusky Main

@glitch_support helppp

It typically takes about 5-15-20-30 mins to get a reply from 1-2 hours depending on what is in queue.

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Hi @Ableglobe!

We can’t remove custom domains from a deleted project. Can you please temporarily un-delete the project that was connected to these domains and then ping us here? Then I can help you out!


Thanks for the update @Ableglobe!

We have unlinked that domain from your project.