Domain removal in servers

Hello! Very nice day today! I want these customs domains to be removed from glitch’s servers. @glitch_support @tasha (Don’t judge the name, i am making a things where users will be trickred to enter theier account username and password then I will compormice thier account) Also, I have read over the glitch’s ToS and this project does not violate it only roblox’s tos. So I am fine! :grin:

hi @anon6347983 - glitch is a friendly community, and stealing account usernames and passwords is not a friendly activity and therefore not welcome on also, our TOS states that you cannot include falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage Glitch, Inc. or any third party - which is violated when you phish/trick your users to give you the usernames and passwords without their consent.

as for the removal of your custom domain, I cannot find any records of it. are you sure you used the glitch custom domain feature to set it up?

Oh, My bad. I will not do it any more @jenn

i saw a project that tricks people for passworks

hi @anon6347983 - if you find a project like that, please report it for abuse by clicking the “report abuse” button on its project page, or emailing

ok, i will do that asap