Domain still taken after deleting project

I recreated my project with the name “justbot”, and I wanted to change the domain to the one I had.
However, it says that my domain “is already registered for glitch”
The domain is
Can someone please help me?

You have to wait for a Glitch staff to delete the domain name related to the old project


@zImPatrick Can you first make sure that the project that is linked to this domain is not deleted? If so that can make the process faster for Glitch staff!
-Happy Glitching tech_dude1

Hi @zImPatrick!

In order to remove the custom domain please do the following:

  1. Undelete the project - You can do this by going to your Projects Page, and scrolling down to your Deleted Projects section and clicking the Show button.
  2. Reply here.

Then I can remove your custom domain.

Hi, my old project has the name justbot-deleted-1.

Thanks for letting us know @zImPatrick! Your domain has been removed from that project. If you have any questions, let us know!