Downloading one node package used all my disk space

I had been using playwright and crawlee to crawl the web and do things I needed, but when installing playwright, it instantly boosted my disk from ~20 MB to almost all 199 MB I can use. Deleting the package didn’t solve it, so what else can I do?

Getting glitch PRO can help.

Where does it install? Usually the node_modules area doesn’t count towards your project disk usage. Maybe it’s downloading into /app/.cache?

That’s the thing, I’m not sure. After looking through what the package downloads, it seems to also download 3 browsers, and you can also just select one. So, the downloading of browsers is probably what is taking all of that space. I’ve decided to archive the project for now since I doubt I will be finding a way to delete them.

:grimacing: yeah, downloading three browsers does sound like it would take more than 200 MB.

You might be able to create a symlink in /app/.cache to a directory in /tmp to make it download the browsers into an ephemeral disk that doesn’t count toward your storage quota. It would take some trial and error though.

There’s some advice posted here on how to figure out what’s taking up space including in files hidden from the editor