Drag and drop multiple files fail to upload

I tried dragging in a folder of HTML and JS files into the sidebar. What happens is that most of the files are uploaded empty. Meaning the file name is there, but it’s empty. Sometimes the editor will stay frozen with the previous viewed file and whichever recent uploaded file you click it won’t open.

Try uploading some dummy HTML files by multi-selecting them, then drag & drop into the sidebar. Obviously I’m not going to provide a ZIP file of dummy files for security reasons (for your own sake).


Hi there, thanks for the feedback! You’re right, we don’t support folder drag and drop to upload. We know this is something that would be really useful, and I’m going to flag this thread as proof of further interest!


What about uploading multiple files at once? It works for assets but it didn’t work for files like HTML, CSS or JS. I’m referring to drag & drop onto the sidebar.