Duplicate "my stuff" collections

add a project to “my stuff” and a duplicate “my stuff” collection gets created

ps also get server error when i click on first “my stuff” collection

I don’t think so, can you tell us how you add projects to your ‘My Stuff’ collection?


use wind 10 firefox 71



click add to my stuff icon (above legendary-purchase)
get internal server error or duplicate

ps clicking down arrow and system “my stuff” collection also fails but chosing any other collection does work

another testcase

xubuntu 18 ff 68


click add to my stuff icon get internal server error

hi @osde8info - sorry you’re running into this issue. i’m having a hard time trying to reproduce it, but i may just be doing something different than you were. can you let me know if the first “My Stuff” collection (the one with the green ribbon on it) is still on your profile and if it existed before the “My Stuff” with the yellow background?

yes i still have a red “my stuff” and a beige “my stuff” collections in my account

if i go into a collection such as

and click on the add to my stuff icon on any project i get an internal server error