Dynamic Ports, or wildcard sub subdomains

I’m attempting to use gomix as a port proxy. Go mix would provide a public domain, and forward requests to my local machine. (Much like ngrok or localtunnel, however ngrok is paid, and localtunnel only supports http).

I’m developing and testing an application locally that needs a public raw tcp port in order to join an Akka Cluster. My server application code needs either a dynamic port in a range, or the ability to route sockets via subdomains.

There’s no way to route TCP ports right now. The problem is that the socket would connect to gomix.me, but there’s no way for us to tell what project the socket is trying to connect to.

If you can make this work with a websocket instead, then it should be straightforward. You can forward the websocket to your machine using a library like http-proxy.