"EACCES: permission denied" Error

Hiya, I’ve been googling this error for about 30 minutes and can’t find a fix for it.

I’ve been trying restarting my project, running “enable-pnpm” and running “refresh” and none of these have worked for me and for every restart I keep getting an error message like " ERROR EACCES: permission denied, open ‘/rbd/pnpm-volume/66b9d1f2-28f0-4262-8d06-fe11aecddb04/node_modules/express/package.json’"

If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jimmy.

I remember having this error before. However, it only happened on my unprivileged normal user account, not Glitch. Could you send your project link?

I’m having this exact same issue… and I haven’t touched the project in which it’s happening in a while - as far as changes are concerned, it’s in an identical state to how it was when it was working. So really confused why this error started happening :thinking:

UPDATE: I exported the project to GitHub, then imported it (without changes!) into a new project, and now it works. So this seems to have been a weird, non-user-error kind of issue (at least for me).

ANOTHER UPDATE: I also just tried enable-pnpm in the Glitch “Terminal”, and that resolved the issue, without requiring a project clone, as well. Should have tried that first :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to the Glitch forums!

This seems like an occasional error I’ve found too - cloud repos in general (Glitch, Replit, etc) occasionally just flat out don’t work and throw weird errors. Glad its working with you now!