Easier manual transcribing of audios, videos and YouTube

TypeAudio is an online tool used for making manual transcribing easier.

Worried of loosing your transcript? Transcript is saved automatically in the browser’s storage.
Export your transcript as a document, PDF or a text file.
Print your transcript
Load audio or video files from the computer, or enter a URL (including YouTube).
Your transcript stays private as it never leaves your computer


ESC To pause and play audio.
F1 To rewind audio.
F2 To fastforward audio.
F3 To insert an interactive timestamp.

The above mentioned controls does not work for videos (including YouTube), at least not yet.


Your transcript can be exported as a PDF , DOC (word document) and a .TXT (text document) or printed.

You might find bugs and problems related to user-friendliness. Please report! :smile:

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crashes on startup.

i think that is weird, it worked earlier