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Like updating the encoded passwords to use hashed passwords instead?

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

Ahh… makes more sense. I don’t really know why I assumed you were using a file :joy:

I’m pretty trash at JavaScript but this seems very cool. Thanks!


Glad to know that :smile: @RiversideRocks

const { hash, verify } = require("ihacks-hash")

db.all("SELECT password from Users", (err, passwords =>
  passwords.forEach(user =>"UPDATE Users SET password=? WHERE password=?", hash("sha256", user.password, undefined, 1000), user.password)

You probably have to change on it a little bit.

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Thanks for your help @ihack2712 . I’m currently working on an unstable beta version (which is preview of future updates) and I’m going to check this out there. I’m pretty sure this will do the job :slightly_smiling_face:

I wrote out an amazing test but I can’t post it since there’s no post button on the create page!

Hey @rnss, I forgot to mention that you’ve to add a solution yourself to cross-verify your tests. Without the code, you would not be able to see the submit button.

The power of Vue…:grin: :

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ecmabytes got a new update.

  • fixed user authorization issues, removed form element, added vue checks
  • added a leaderboard
  • added info page
  • added encryption instead of encoding
  • works on mobile devices too

Any bugs / feedbacks are welcomed!

EDIT: Found a bug on mobile devices on login page, caused due to event.submitter property during submit event.


:new_moon: dark mode is live…

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It doesn’t really look good with the contact form - the text is black and background is black @vrintle

Have a look now @TheBigC

@vrintle whoa…

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@TheBigC, due to this error:

Can't read property `code` of undefined

inside vuejs template, the execution stopped. But, it wasn’t for me, so I misunderstood you!

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Version 3, major updates, security fixes.

ECMAbytes got a security update just now!
Thanks to a user lololol.

This user has pointed out some loopholes in the server, which were very important to be fixed.

Note: I will try to restore a toggle theme mode button, which was reverted by Glitch.

Love the simple design - not too bad!

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