Edit permissions?

Hello, apologies if this is a repeat question, I did not find it by searching here or on Google.

I’m using Glitch to teach a class to middle school kids. I want my fellow teachers to be able to edit my project, but the students to have to clone it (I don’t want the app to be changed if any kids do not understand what they’re supposed to do and try to edit without cloning). Is this possible? How do I grant edit permissions to a limited group, but cloning permissions to everyone?


Hi @EMCain,

the policy you’re describing is the default one. Only people you invite to edit the project will have editing rights, and everyone else that visits the project can “Remix” it to edit it, that is, they need to create a clone of the project.

To invite other people to edit, you can share the join link that you find under the “Share” menu.

Let us know if you need further guidance :slight_smile:

Thank you!

A follow-up question: what is the best way for kids (who don’t have github or facebook accounts) to be able to hold on to their projects and edit them later in a different computer? Can they make a Glitch account not tied to any other login service?

Glitch doesn’t have its own account system, the best idea would be to have them create a GitHub account.

We’re working on adding an email login option, so we’ll have a proper solution soon. I have heard of teachers creating a shared GitHub which they all use to log in.