Edit project never loads

My project (howsmydriving-seattle) never finishes loading the editor when I click Edit Project. It just spins without any of the editor UI so I cannot seem to do anything but wait. However, after 30m I am pretty sure it will never load.

Is there a way to turf the container and get a new one the next time I load the project?

Initially this was only occurring on one of my projects, but now it is occurring on all of them.


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This has also been happening on my team’s project (hatchverse) and I assume it could be happening to others as well.

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There seems to be a websocket error on the project (at least on mine)

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@GlenBikes, please email Glitch at support@glitch.com if this is happening.

And @exists, mention @support_staff, not @Glitch_Response, because that is just a default account! :slight_smile:

Seems fixed for me now

I’ve been trying several of my projects, reloading them dozens of times. I managed to get two projects to load and once the editor loads it seems there is no further problem. But the project I need to load is still failing (howsmydriving-seattle).

Email sent to support@glitch.com. Ticket #UN00008615 created.

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Is it possible to open your project’s console?
https://glitch.com/edit/console.html?(project name here)

All my projects are now loading. As of 9 hours ago, I was able to get most of them to load but 2 would not. Now it seems they are all consistently loading.

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