Editing code always reverts back to top of file


When I’m editing code in a file (say ‘xyz.js’) and then move away to another file (say ‘abc.js’), when I go back to ‘xyz.js’, I’m always back at the top of the file???

This is seriously annoying!!

If I’m at (for example) line 444 of ‘xyz.js’ and I just need to quickly verify something in another file, when I come back to such file, I’m always reverted back to the top (line 1). I have to then scroll back down to line 444 which is time consuming.

Why does it do that? Is there a way to avoid this behavior?


No, that’s how it’s implemented at the moment. We plan to address this and other issues when we revisit the editor in the future.


“visit the editor in the future” … that seems like a longtime!!

Would it be easier/possible then to add a “Go To Line Number” shortcut?


[CTRL+L] 123

And you are brought to line 123 of the current file?


While we’re working on Editor improvements, this user found a way to use bookmarklets to extend Editor capabilities, you might find it helpful https://dev.to/aadsm/extending-glitch-2fe1