Editing the project description from the project edit page doesn't save

In the new project edit page there’s Settings > Edit Project Details > Description text box.
If you update the description text box and save then refresh the project description hasn’t been updated.

To update the project description you have to go to Settings > Go to project page > Edit details > Update description text field > Save.
The UI in the project edit page ought to work as well.


its not working for me either.

Hi @randfur!

Thanks for bringing this up, our engineers know about it and are working on it. This may sound a bit daft, but in the meantime this should work:

  • Settings > Edit Project Details, make your change and Save
  • Open Settings > Edit Project Details again (don’t refresh first, your updated text should still be there) and just hit the Save button
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I had this issue as well.

An update that our engineers released a fix for this so you should be able to successfully update your project details from the editor now!


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