Editor Bug ( I need it to work :( )

Hi I seem to be having this issue on my project no matter what I do:
So I’m on the project I try and edit 1 letter then it says reconnecting then connected but what ever changes I made have gone, tried on 3G, 4G and WiFi someone help me, my bot won’t start because of a error I need to fix.

[EDIT] I can’t even export to github

It sounds like your project has run out of space. Try running git prune and git gc from the console, that should free up enough space to make it functional again. If your project was created before March this year, also run enable-pnpm too.

Is there anyway to do this on mobile, as I’m not at PC today ?

No, the console doesn’t work on mobile. If you DM me a project join link, I can do it for you.

Thank you really appreciate that ! I’ll get one for you now.

OK, I’ve done that for you. Shop.json was causing an error, but the file was empty so you’ll need to look at that. I recommend either moving all of your json data files to a folder called .data, or adding them to a .gitignore file. Otherwise their frequent changes will quickly fill up your .git folder again and you’ll run out of space. If you don’t need the ability to rollback your app right now, removing the .git folder using rm -rf .git would free up even more space in your app.

Yeah almost all my data files were empty ;(
Thanks for the help !