Editor continuously resizing issue?

I have 2 Chrome windows open, each with tabs editing different Glitch projects. When I re-size the editor in one window, both editors begin to continuously resize - forever. If I refresh one of the tabs, the resizing stops until I resize one of them again.

It did not matter if I had the same or different Glitch projects open. I also saw the same issue if the tabs were in the same window.

My browser is running the latest version and this odd behavior happens on 2 different machines.


I was able to replicate this.

However, it stopped when I viewed the project in the other tab.

For now, just switch back and fourth between tabs and it should stop. You can also report this to support@glitch.com. I am also marking this as feedback.

Refreshing either tab also stops the insanity :slightly_smiling_face:


For it was not the tab: it was the console pane. Whenever I tried ti expand it, it keeps moving and resizing for some reason.

Update - the problem does not appear to happen in Firefox and is worse in Safari. In Safari, I had it happen immediately (although only once) as well as happen with only a single tab in a single window open.


having this in brave. it’s pretty much messed up.
and ye, it’s fine in firefox.
clearing all cookies and logging out and in didn’t fix it. please revert that lmao