Editor enhancement?


I am a Pokemon watcher, and last night I saw something like this in the dream.
Froosty used Glitch's editor
Glitch's editor levelled up
So I was like wooh, thats an awesome idea…

Hmm Jokes apart here is the real deal.

I have been using Glitch for a while now, and I like its services really much.
but there’s one thing that’s tearing my thoughts apart: The code editor.

There are few improvements I would love to see in the editor.
First point is something I guess every user here would love to have it.
AI of the editor.
I don’t know how hard would it be to implement this feature, but maybe since I used to use VS-Code I always like that the editor (VS-Code) used to show me things like:

  • Suggestion of previously declared variables when I type something
    like if i have a var named something defined earlier then when I would type so... it would show something in the list, (like in VS-Code)
  • Members and functions of classes | modules which are predefined. Also lets say there is some class I made in one file and imported in another file, then VS-Code would basically show its classes and members when I would do className. so having that feature would be really awesome. Because at times when I am using a new package (node_module) then I would initially not know about the functions available in it. and also people would not prefer to check the docs every-time they want to utilize the function of a class | module.

And apart from these I would love to see these two things implemented per-project basis or however they can be implemented (but make them such that a user can customize with ease :thinking:)

  • Auto closure of brackets (yeah this has been discussed in the past as well, but just wanted to remind about it)
  • Eslint configuration (yet again has been discussed in the past but wanted to remind)

I hope to see some response regarding my suggestions.
And most the most awesome things would be to see them implemented.

Even though they aren’t implemented (or will be implemented in far future) I would always say that:
Glitch is really awesome and I am happy to be a part of this community.

And a proud moment for me with this thing :smiley:


Thanks for the suggestions, and that’s quite the achievement! Well done. We’re rolling out some editor enhancements in the coming weeks - it won’t be the things mentioned above, but I think you’ll enjoy them and you’ll see why we’ve been a little slow to get to things like the linting. But I hope we can loop back and get to that. We currently rely on codemirror for the editor, so I’m not sure what’s possible in terms of editor AI, but I’ll find out.


Good to know that some editor enhancements are coming soon, even though they arent something I suggested.
And I guess It would be better if I make the suggestion I made above to the codemirror team directly ??


Are you gonna drop CodeMirror for the editor?


No plans to at the moment.


What is the theme that you use? I quite enjoy it.