Editor freezes while live preview page is stopped on a breakpoint


This means I often can’t leave the dev tools open with auto-refresh on - because as soon as I type a character, the js is invalid, the devtools pause on a syntax error, and then the editor freezes.

I would expect the two pages be disconnected, so the app being paused in one tab wouldn’t affect the editor in a different tab.

This happens in Chrome and Safari.


Not sure this will help - but you can turn off the auto-refresh link between the editor and the app from the top right user options menu. You can also just open your project in a new tab manually.


Yep, but I do like to be able to use the auto-refresh


Hi Aaron,

unfortunately this is due to the single-threaded nature of JavaScript: when you click the “Show” button, you open a new window which shares the same thread as the editor window: if one of the two windows blocks on the debugger, the other becomes unresponsive.

We are aware of the issue and looking for an answer better than “open the tab manually”, but as Gareth said, this is the only solution we have so far if you need to debug your front-end using the Chrome debugger, and unfortunately this doesn’t allow you to keep auto-refresh enabled.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll make sure to find a solution soon, but… we can’t make an estimate as it’s probably a limitation of JavaScript.